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Eat Clean Bro’s Founder Shares The Importance of Authenticity on Social Media And Life

Eat Clean Bro's Founder Shares The Importance of Authenticity on Social Media And Life

In this day and age, anyone with some sort of following can be an influencer on social media.

And if you’re on social media, you’ve most certainly seen your timeline flooded with those influencers promoting anything from nutrition supplements to fashion brands and more. And while the views and likes may stack up, it’s not hard to see past the phoniness that so many of them have.

When Eat Clean Bro founder & president Jamie Giovinazzo was growing up, it was much easier to determine one’s credibility. Just a look at their car, suit, or house could provide a reliable insight into their lifestyle. But as social media has emerged, Jamie admits it’s much more difficult to verify the authenticity of influencers. But over time, Jamie has learned how important social media and authentic influencer partnerships can be.


While on the Endless Hustle podcast for the CEO Round Table, Jamie shared his own experiences and thoughts on social media and influencers. Through credible partnerships and authentic branding on social media, Eat Clean Bro has been able to see major success. And because of the guy Jamie is, he’s sharing what he’s learned with other business owners and all of us!

“Obviously, I got a lot of celebrity clients that helped me back before. See, when you would have celebrities endorsing your products before social media got as crazy as it is today, it was very impactful. But now there’s so much noise on social media, there are so many people—so many influencers, that it’s kind of lost what it was. Before it was gold, it’s definitely diluted now, but it’s here to stay. It’s not going anywhere and you need to use it.”


There’s really nobody more authentic than Jamie. With his luscious mullet and distinct company beanie, the guy eats, sleeps, and breathes Eat Clean Bro. Take note, that’s exactly how you do it!


What is Eat Clean Bro?

As a premier meal delivery service, Eat Clean Bro gives you full control over how you want to utilize their delicious meals.

  1. You Pick: With no subscriptions or contracts, you can pick whatever you want to be delivered whenever you want
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Look, there are plenty of meal delivery services to choose from, but why not support one that knows what they’re doing. Knowing that a kind-hearted guy like Jamie is at the helm, it’s even easier to support. Plus, everything they’re doing from the meals to social media marketing is completely authentic. So when we say their healthy meals are beyond delicious, you can trust it! So take your entire lifestyle to the top with Eat Clean Bro providing you the convenience and quality you need.


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