This App Allows People Who Love Farting To Share Their Audible Flatulence With Other Like-Minded Individuals

Fartners is app and, more importantly, a “social network for your ass.” Only farts, though. To my knowledge, you can’t send and receive photos of magnificently coiled shits. Don’t kill the messenger.

According to Fartners Indiegogo campaign:

Fartners is a social network that connects people through farts – YES, FARTS! It is basically very similar to twitter, where you can follow and be followed by friends and celebs. Only instead of sharing whatever comes out of your brain, like in other social networks, you share whatever gas that comes out of your ass. The result is a feed that’s comprised of people’s funniest moments and sets aside weather and political rants.

Yes! You can be followed by celebs! Celebs who want nothing more out of their free time than to blow beef into the part of their phone where they also put their mouth.

Fartners, truly an app for assholes.