Father’s Day Gifts: Save 20% Off These Manly Scents From Each & Every Deodorant That’ll Leave Your Dad Fresh All Day

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, meaning you’re on the hook for finding the most ideal gift to get your dad. While that can be a struggle at times, this year doesn’t have to bring added stress — because Each & Every deodorant has your back, offering some incredible scents that’ll keep your dad smelling fresh all day long.

Made with natural ingredients that are designed to help protect skin from irritation, Each & Every deodorant doesn’t have all those bad things like aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances or baking soda; so they’re absolutely worry-free.

Plus, for all those first-time orders, Each & Every is offering an awesome 20% off until June 21st, meaning you’ll spend wisely on your Father’s Day gifts this year.

Use the code ‘BROBIBLE 20’ to save 20% off Father’s Day gifts for first-time orders till June 21st


Since we care about making your dad happy this Father’s Day, we’re giving you some of our favorite scents below to consider giving him this year. If you’re having some trouble deciding on the perfect Each & Every deodorant to choose from, don’t fret, because there are options.

Thanks to Each & Every’s Discovery Sets, you can try a variety of scents by either purchasing four minis or three full-size deodorants, pairing up the ones you think your dad will want most. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with giving him options, right?

So take a look below at some of the manly scents from Each & Every deodorant — which are sure to leave your dad happy this Father’s Day. And don’t forget to order by June 21st to save 20% off all first-time orders.

Use the code ‘BROBIBLE 20‘ to save 20% off Father’s Day gifts for first-time orders till June 21st


A few of our favorite scents from Each & Every deodorant:

Cedar & Spice

An earthy blend of cedarwood, coriander and vetiver essential oils, Cedar & Spice brings a rich balance of woodsy, rugged and herbal scent each day. It’s a reminder that the great outdoors are never too far away.


Sandalwood & Black Pepper

Sandalwood & Black Pepper is a rich blend of warm woody base notes with the spicy zest of pepper, which creates an earthy scent that’s masculine in nature.


Cannabis & Green Tea

Thanks to its light, refreshing scent, Cannabis & Green Tea is perfect for any man to survive the elements of a rough day. Cannabis oil and citrus essential oils are combined to create a fresh, herbal and slightly sweet smell.


Citrus & Vetiver

Citrus & Vetiver is a sublime combination of energizing scents that are guaranteed to pick you up each day. A blend of citrus and vetiver with essential oils gives this scent a refreshing, uplifting smell that your dad will absolutely love.


Black Spruce & Fir

If your mind is imagining the smell of a woodsy forest, you’re spot on, as Black Spruce & Fir brings a distinct aroma that’s reminiscent of the winter season. Sustainably sourced essential oils from Black Spruce Trees and Balsam Fir trees create the crisp scent of the great outdoors.


Juniper & Mint

There isn’t a more refreshing smell than mint, so it’s no surprise that embodies that. A combination of juniper berry, peppermint, lime and lemon essential oils create a mint-forward soothing scent with a crisp, peppery finish that’s sure to keep your dad fresh all day long.


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