Taking A Ferrari F40 Drifting In The Snow Looks Like It Would Be The Most Fun Ever

by 3 years ago
ferrari f40 drifting snow

YouTube - Red Bull

Drifting in snow with any car is just about the epitome of fun. It’s really the only good thing about snow where I live.

But drifting up the side of a ski park in some snow using a Ferrari F40? We’re talking about a car that originally sold for $400,000, but now fetches up to $1.5 million here. I think if someone allowed me to do that I wouldn’t stop until I crashed or ran out of gas. Probably the former.

Of course I am not as good a driver as Takeshi Kimura who takes this wonderful beast up the Ryuoo Ski Park in Japan. I just dream that I am.

And so will you once you watch this…

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