Ferrari F80 Concept Is The Car Of The Future, Especially If The World Starts Looking Like ‘Tron’

Here’s the good thing about concept cars — they’re just an idea. One individuals, or possibly a team, takes a proven commodity and tinkers with it to create something new.

In this case, Italian designer Adriano Raeli took the Ferrari and thought “what if the movie Tron is really the future?” I’m just supposing that’s what he thought, since his Ferrari F80 looks like it comes from a world created by computer software and everyone wears spandex.

Imagined as the successor to the LaFerrari, Italian designer Adriano Raeli’s Ferrari F80 Concept keeps the long nose and wind-funneling rear of its predecessors while making a curious change to the powerplant. Instead of relying on a V12 engine, as Maranello’s prior flagship steeds have done, the F80 uses Ferrari’s KERS technology to coax a hypothetical 1,200 horses from a twin-turbo hybrid V8. Raeli expects that power to be good for a 0-62 time of 2.2 seconds, and a top speed of 310 mph, fast enough to earn a spot among the fastest production cars of all time — assuming it ever gets built.

Sadly, sometimes crazy concepts become reality and if this shit box is revving up and down the street one day, I’ll run my little spandexed ass in the other direction.

[via Uncrate]

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