Field Watches For Bros: Here Are 5 Field Watches You Should Know About And Why You Should Wear One

Field watches have their roots in military history. Ideally mechanical rather than battery powered, these rugged, dependable, sleek, and comfortable tool watches have altered the course of history. Since the early twentieth century, synchronized watches have been an absolute necessity on the battlefield.

A few important tasks that are dependent on accurate watches include: being able to dependably link up with another unit, bomb a target at exactly 4AM, and measure distance. Field watches are becoming popular again because of their classic look, functional dependability, and toughness. So, what do you need to know before you buy one?

Mechanical vs. Battery Powered:

Mechanical movement is generally more coveted than quartz/battery. It’s easy to distinguish between the two: quartz/battery movement generally “ticks,” while mechanical watches have hands that move in a continuous “sweeping” motion. Mechanical watches tend to be more expensive because of the level of craftsmanship required to put one together. Quartz movements are battery powered and have few moving parts, while mechanical watches derive their energy from a wound spring. There is also the sense that mechanical field watches are more true to original vintage styles, as quartz movement was developed by Seiko in the early 1960s.

Features You Want:

Field watches ordinarily have canvas or leather straps because they are quick and easy to replace if damaged. Keep in mind that American versions really saw their heyday in WWII, and we didn’t have a lot of scrap metal sitting around to make bracelets with at that time. Field watches are meant to be easily read: high contrast markings are important. You’ll also want good illumination (lume) for nighttime use. Finally, the hacking second hand: this feature causes the second hand to stop ticking while you pull out the crown to set the time. This makes synchronizing to other watches or a reference signal easier.

5 Field Watches For Bros, A Buying Guide:

Timex Expedition Scout

The least expensive field watch you can get, and made by one of the most popular watch brands in the world. The Expedition Scout is lacking in premium features, but looks the part and just won’t quit.

Buy It Here: $33


Wenger Men’s 0541

This watch has a classic display, good illumination, and beautiful leather/stainless steel construction. Wenger has been supplying the Swiss Army since 1908- this piece is a function of that tradition. There’s only ONE of these left on Amazon at the moment, so if you’re into this incredible Field Watch then you should consider pulling the trigger and picking up this exquisite time piece today!

Buy It Here: $176


Szanto 1201

Relatively new on the scene, California-based company Szanto Time is cranking out very cool field watches that have been updated for modern preferences, like larger case diameter. Still on the lower price range (as far as watches are concerned), they pack a lot of value. See an in depth review at Red Hatchet Outdoors.

Buy It Here: $239 (Save $85)


Hamilton Khaki Field

These are beautiful watches, and we’re starting to get into the mechanical price range here. Hamilton is an American watch company that was founded in 1892. They halted consumer production during WWII in order to supply our military with watches, and remain an industry staple for field watches today.

Buy It Here: $536


Tudor Ranger Heritage

This is the big leagues. The Tudor Ranger series is the top-level combination of function and luxury. The self-winding automatic (mechanical) movement alone is incredible, but when combined with psychotic attention to detail and incredible durability, this is a field watch King.

Buy It Here: $2,394

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