Nostalgia Boner Alert! You Can Now Buy A New ’64 Ford Mustang Fitted With Modern Amenities

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic American automobiles ever produced. First launched in 1964, ‘The Pony Car’ has been pumping out six generations of roadsters that have embodied everything society loves in an American roadster. Over those six generations the Ford Mustang has changed quite a bit, but in a nod to the original 1964 ‘Pony Car’ the Florida-based startup Revology is releasing a clone of the first-gen Mustang outfitted with all modern amenities.

The prices of the modern clones vary, with the fastback starting at $ 119,500, and the convertible carrying a price tag of $122,000.

Announced on their website, Revology Cars is billing their undertaking as the ‘World’s First Original Mustang Replica’ and they debuted it last weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, one of the world’s most prestigious auto shows. Coincidentally the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is the first place in the world where I ever saw a celebrity, running into John Travolta at the Ritz-Carlton there. It was also at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (2001 or 2002, I forget) where I foolishly laid a finger on a vintage Bugatti to feel the wax and the owner of the car snapped at me, informing me to back up and that the car was ‘worth more than my life.’

From Revology Cars:

The first generation Mustang ran from model year 19641⁄2 to 1966, during which time Ford sold almost 1.3 million Mustangs, making automotive history and creating an American cultural icon in the process.

The Revology Mustang replica is not simply a copy of the original car. Revology’s founder, Tom Scarpello, calls his version a “postmodern interpretation” of the original Mustang. He explains: “It is easy to see why the original Mustang is a classic. Fifty years later, it still looks great from any angle. But automotive technology has advanced a lot in 50 years, and from a functional perspective, these old cars are truly outdated. At Revology, we keep the style and character of the original car, while seamlessly integrating modern technology and materials to improve performance, safety, reliability, and comfort.”

Numerous details highlight the effort to maintain the integrity of the original design, including power windows activated by pushing or pulling on the original window crank handle, an electronic instrument cluster with message center and LED lighting integrated into the original five-dial bezel and USB and AUX jacks hidden in the ashtray.

While the exterior and interior of the Revology Mustang strive for an original appearance, the car’s underside and engine bay depart dramatically from the first generation model. “The powertrain and suspension are all-new,” says Nathan Loucks, vehicle integration supervisor.

The Revology Mustang replica is powered by a fuel injected 5.0L V- 8 engine, featuring a modern electronic engine management system. An electronically controlled automatic or a manual transmission can be specified. The front suspension is MacPherson strut and the rear end is a three-link design, developed by supplier RRS of Australia specifically for this application. The three-link design offers an excellent balance of performance and ride quality, which is a key reason the design was used on the Ford Mustang from 2005 until the introduction of independent rear suspension in 2015. Power four-wheel disc brakes inspire confidence, while standard power rack and pinion steering provides excellent feedback. Modern creature comforts abound, including remote keyless entry, power door locks, power seats, tilt steering column, intermittent wipers, digital message center, remote trunk release, and even Bluetooth, all carefully integrated into the interior to be minimally intrusive.

There’s a lot more photos of this incredible original replica over on Revology’s Facebook page which you can check out HERE, and you can read their announcement about the ‘First Original Replica’ of the 1964 Ford Mustange ‘Pony Car’ over on their website HERE.

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