Save 30% On Flag & Anthem Cold Weather Essentials Right Now With Cold

How’s your week going, gentlemen? This time of year is always pretty crazy for me. Work and all that. I won’t bore you with the details. Plus my buddy and his wife just had a baby, so it’s been a fun week of the crew being all amped up for the guy. I didn’t get around to cleaning my Jeep over the weekend, so that will have to get done on Saturday. So it goes.


Our friends at Flag & Anthem are throwing a sale right now on select jackets, flannels, hoodies, sweaters and other outterwear. Can’t be showing up to grandma’s for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks rocking the winter jacket you did last year. You’re one year older and wiser. Use the code COLD30 at checkout this weekend and they’ll apply 30% off to whatever you grab.


If you’re not sure what to buy, check out their denim jackets and flannels, pictured below. Subtle, yet perfect for this time of year.

Have a good one out there!


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