Flag & Anthem Winter Sale – Save An Extra 25% At Checkout, No Code Needed

Have any big plans for the first long weekend of 2023? I was thinking about going to Monster Jam at Angel Stadium to watch some monster trucks chop it up in the mud, but I’m on the fence. We’re about to get pummeled by more rain here on the West Coast, so now I’m thinking my Saturday and Sunday are going to be spent cooking something tasty (maybe turkey chili?) and watching football on the couch.

Our friends at Flag & Anthem have a pretty awesome sale going on this weekend. It’s their winter sale, which means you can grab 25% off at checkout – no code needed. They’re clearing out the house for shirts, flannels, shoes, and pants, so it’s a good time to save on a wardrobe refresh.

I’ve been rocking my Flag & Anthem Wheatland flannel (I have the one in yellow) and quarterzips all winter. I’m obsessed with them – they’re warm and comfortable and, considering the price of other clothing brands, an all-around great value.

The thing I’m eyeballing in this sale is the Miles Striped Reverse Terry Hooded Henley. It has a classic Baja hoodie feel. A true beachtown surfer vibe. I’m also thinking about some of their shirt jackets, simply because I don’t have a proper shirt jacket and would love to wear one on a trip to the mountains later this winter.

Anyway, go check it out. There’s a ton of great deals, plus you can’t beat the 25% off markdown on the entire catalog.



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