Fulton & Roark Is Changing The Solid Cologne Game – Test The Sample Pack + $16 OFF Your Next Order

Presented in partnership with Fulton & Roark

When you think of cologne, you probably think about some generic scent that is way too overpowering, reminding everyone that you pass by on the street or in the office hallway that you’re still applying it the same way you did in middle school. That’s not the way to represent yourself to others, guys.

While most cologne comes in spray form, Fulton & Roark is reinventing the category, offering up a unique way to apply your cologne with its solid cologne, meaning it’s evenly distributed without overdoing it, while also lasting longer than other options out there.

And here’s the best part: Right now you can get a fragrance sample pack + $16 off your next purchase to help you decide what scent’s right for you.


Similar to how you’d use pomade on your hair or moisturizer on your face, Fulton & Roark‘s solid cologne puts you back in control. Unlike sprays which never fully offer transparency when applied to your neck, wrists or clothes, the highly-concentrated wax-based fragrance lets you decide how much you want to wear.

Plus, rather than losing that manly scent of yours throughout the day, this stuff holds up, with Fulton & Roark’s solid cologne keeping you smelling fresh all day long. So say goodbye to that ripe smell that usually occurs towards the end of the work day — or after you posted up in a restaurant for lunch.

And remember, with Fulton & Roark’s fragrance sample pack, you can try out all eight fragrances in the Permanent Collection before committing to your next full-sized fragrance, which also includes a $16 coupon code for whenever you do decide on your next purchase.


Thanks to the rugged, shatterproof design, Fulton & Roark‘s solid cologne is made to go with you anywhere, so don’t worry about dents or, worse, breaking the glass when traveling around. Legit, you can keep this stuff in your pocket and it’ll be all good.

Since you never want to overdo your daily scent — and probably aren’t used to applying a solid cologne — here’s a little tutorial for how to dab Fulton & Roark’s solid cologne on each time you use it.

  1. Rub your finger over the surface of the cologne
  2. Apply to your neck and/or wrist
  3. Smell awesome

Men are always on the go, meaning we often attract the scents we encounter throughout a day. Thanks to Fulton & Roark‘s solid cologne, though, you’ll be able to take back control and keep yourself smelling good all day long, because this stuff’s built for the way men operate.



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