Your Last Defense Against Drunk Driving — Portable Smartphone Breathalyzer Will Stop You From Driving Drunk

I think everyone here can agree that driving drunk is one of the worst and most selfish things thatwe as human beings are capable of doing. It puts everyone on the road in danger, including yourself, a DUI can cost on average $10,000 in legal fees (that’s before any car damage or civil lawsuits). In the age of Uber driving drunk is just stupidly inexcusable. It’s EASILY AVOIDABLE with gadgets like the Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer, a handy little device thata acts as your last defense against drunk driving. So let’s check this smartphone breathalyzer out while it’s on sale today (50% off), because it just might save your life or the lives of others one day.

Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer: 50% OFF

Your new best friend for a night on the town has arrived. Alcohoot plugs directly into your phone through the headphone jack and delivers police-accurate measurements of your blood alcohol level every time you blow. Use it in conjunction with the iPhone and Android app to keep track of a long night and you’ll have one more force in your life telling you not to make that dumb decision.

— Track your BAC accurately just a few minutes after you’ve had a drink
— Measure how your BAC has changed throughout the night w/ the app
— Use the app to call an Uber if you’re over the legal limit
— Carry it w/ you anywhere in your pocket & easily plug it into your phone on the fly

Buy It Here: $49.99 (50% OFF)