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Getting Hands On With Short Par 4’s Latest Membership Packages Was An Absolute Delight, Here’s Why

One thing every golfer has in common is they want to play better golf. I’m a firm believer that half the battle of performing better on the course is looking good. Looking good = feeling good = playing great.

I recently braved the brutal Summer sun in Florida where the ‘feels like’ temperatures are routinely over 110 every afternoon due to suffocating humidity. It’s hard to feel great in temps like that but I’d just received the latest Short Par 4 membership packages featuring Graham Luxe polos and shorts and honestly, it was truly a delight.

I’d received the Short Par 4 Fairway Package which included a Graham Luxe Polo, Graham Luxe Shorts, and a SP4 chip (gotta collect ’em all!). And I received the recent Short Par 4 Executive Package which included a Graham Luxe polo, Graham Luxe shorts, a box of TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls with #76, a Short Par 4 chip, and two pairs of Shaft N Balls boxers.


Golf is a sport where looking presentable is a requirement, not a suggestion. But most golfers would rather spend time on the golf course (or at the range) instead of shopping for new golf clothes. That’s where Short Par 4 really adds value to my life as a golfer, and I’m guessing it’s where they can add value to your life as well.

There Are Four Short Par 4 Memberships To Suit Your Needs

The four Short Par 4 memberships are: (1) Fairway which gives you the ‘most bang for your buck’ and introduces you to new brands like Graham Luxe. The (2) Executive membership is for golfers looking for the VIP experience with ultra-premium brands delivered straight to their door.

The (3) Magnolia membership is Short Par 4’s monthly option for ladies. And the (4) Glove Club is a first-of-its-kind subscription service that delivers new (fun) golf gloves every month.


What Was In The Recent Short Par 4 Fairway Package?

The Short Par 4 Fairway Package had everything I’d need to hit the course and look good. Their Graham Luxe Drift Polo and Shorts matched perfectly stylistically so I didn’t need to mix and match with other shorts or polos in my closet.

What really makes the Graham Luxe Drift Polo special is that it was purposefully designed. It’s moisture-wicking, lightweight, has a natural stretch that moves with your body as you swing, and has removable collar stays so the collar stays crisp. The fabric is a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and it just feels great on your frame.

They both had an incredible hand feel and were velvety smooth to the touch. Most importantly for me on this day, they masked the sweat masterfully so my playing partners weren’t able to see me sweating along the way.

Short Par 4 Fairway Package

Short Par 4 Fairway Package

Short Par 4 Fairway Package

What Was In The Recent Short Par 4 Executive Package?

The Executive Membership is $109.95 per month and Short Par 4 over-delivered for me here. I was desperately in need of some premium polos and shorts to brave the humid Summer weather in Florida. I was worried about sweating through my outfit in an instant but the velvety-smooth polos and shorts and boxers had me feeling fresh throughout the full round.

The Executive Package included the 3-button Graham Luxe Roan Polo in Brilliant White/Grey (90% polyester, 10% spandex), Graham Luxe Wren Shorts (80% nylon, 20% spandex), two pairs of Shaft N Balls boxers (95% modal, 5% spandex), a SP4 chip, and a box of golf balls which was much-needed as I’m a higher handicap golfer and tend to donate a lot of balls to the ponds around here.

Short Par 4 Executive Package

Short Par 4 Executive Package

Short Par 4 Executive Package

In terms of quality, both boxes included quality products I would buy off the rack if I was shopping in a store. I’d say they even exceeded the quality of what I’ve come to expect from most golf polos. And the shorts fit perfectly which isn’t something that can be said for most golf shorts as many run long but these were just right.

The TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls in the Executive Package were an absolute delight. How often do you see golf balls with high numbers like 76 on them?! When your buddies are always playing a #1 or #3 and you get to bust out the #76 that’s just a fun way to play golf.

I’d never heard of Shaft n Balls boxers until I received the recent Short Par 4 Executive Package but they are great. The modal fabric is as soft as it gets but they also manage to wick moisture which is necessary this time of year.

How Does Short Par 4 Work?

Short Par 4 makes it as easy as possible for you to get the gear and apparel you actually want.

  1. Pick a membership that suits your desires: you can go the casual and modern route or go with a more sharp, country club look.
  2. Take a personalized quiz: This is where Short Par 4’s Style Caddies do the heavy lifting as they find specific items that are tailored to your personal style.
  3. Door-to-Door service: Open your door and find a glorious package waiting for you with apparel and gear from brands like Callaway, Under Armour, Puma, and many more.


There are also loads of accessories available through ‘The Vault’ by Short Par 4. These include items that every golfer wants and/or needs like custom clubhead covers, personalized golf bags, new golf gloves, fun high-numbered golf balls, boxer shorts, and more.

My main takeaways from Short Par 4’s Fairway and Executive Packages

There are only so many hours in the week. I’m a relatively busy man and my work schedule is constantly changing and never-ending. I’d absolutely rather put my trust in Short Par 4 to make decisions for me about premium golf apparel.

Any time I spend shopping for new golf apparel is time I could’ve spent working on my golf game. I’m in the midst of trying to shave strokes off my scrambling around the green and any extra time I get to practice is very much appreciated. And Short Par 4’s membership affords me extra time for practice.

Trusting a company to make fashion decisions for me doesn’t come naturally to me. But I was blown away by the quality of the Graham Luxe polos and shorts and the Shaft n Balls boxers. The modal fabric of the boxers is a fabric so soft it’s the same material my toddler’s pajamas are made out of. If it’s soft enough to sleep in, it’s soft enough to wear all day.


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