Playing Right Field On Your Company’s Softball Team Just Got Way Better With This Glove That Has A Flask Built In

I love playing baseball, but I suck so I get stuck playing the outfield. Innings can go by without a single bit of action hit my way. So this glove with a built-in flask is for alcoholics players just like me.

Two ingenious inventors combined their brain power to change the game. Their apparatus is called the “Glask,” which sounds better than the Flove. This deceptive container holds 8-ounces of liquid beverage like Gatora… I couldn’t even finish typing that without laughing.

They started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and with a few days left they have surpassed their funding goal of $12,000.


There is nothing better than having your own booze at a baseball game, taking it to the park, playing recreational softball, throwing the ball with the little ones, hanging in the man cave, or simply just having the awesomest flask product on the market to enjoy with your friends and family.

Also think about the possibilities of taking this to a MLB game for a quick booze break. No one would expect it because what kind of sot would actually hide a flask in a glove. *Raises hand meekly*

How pissed is Mickey Mantle that this brilliant invention wasn’t around 60-years ago?

You can still pre-order one for $25.