GRID-IT Gets Your Backpack Mess In Check, Possibly Your Life

If you’re anything like me (and I pray you’re not, for your own happiness) you’ve got a back pack full of wires, cords and stuff and it’s all just floating around and you can’t get it all in order so you spend a half hour fishing stuff out from the bottom to find what you’re looking for.

Ok, we’re similar, but let’s both smarten up and get a GRID-IT.

The Cocoon GRID-IT is the perfect solution for messy and unorganized backpacks, briefcases or even purses.  The elastic organization system for electronics and personal items is made of a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands and is available in small, medium or large to accommodate all necessary devices. 

GRID-IT uses a weave of sticky rubberized elastic webbing to hold your personal objects in place and comes in three sizes to fit any carry-all. You don’t have to bother with fitting items into a particular slot or pocket; the GRID-IT is a personal organizer that provides hundreds of configurations and ably keeps your stuff visible, secure, and handy.

Unlike other organizers that tie you to a specific carrying case for each of your myriad gadgets, GRID-ITs flat design makes it easy to slip into a laptop case or backpack. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can simply pull out your loaded organizer and send it right through the airport security scanner.


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