Stop Doing These Harmful Things To Your Phone Because They’re Turning It Into A Useless Piece Of Crap



You’re slowly killing yourself. Eh, who gives a shit? Got to go sometime, amma right?  You’re also slowly killing your cell phone, which sucks because it was expensive, so let’s try to do something about that right now.

There are certain things you’re doing to your cell phone that are killing the battery and causing it to work like crap on a daily basis. And you’re not doing anything wrong, really, you’re just doing what you’ve always done to other phones which explains why…SON OF A BITCH!

Here are just some of the habits to break so your cell phone will last until at least the end of your contract.

STOP GETTING PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! They drain the battery and use up data.

STOP CHARGING IT ALL NIGHT! Also, turn it off once in a while.

STOP USING IT TO MASTURBATE IN THE SHOWER! The steam is no good for the phone. Don’t bring it in the bathroom for any other reason than a long dump.

STOP LEAVING SO MANY TABS OPEN! One tab to Xvideos is enough.

STOP DROPPING IT! Ok, that’s tough, but seriously make a concerted effort.

Here are a couple others things you should stop doing too.

[via Supercompressor]

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