This Affordable Hi-Res DashCam Recorder Could Be The Difference Between A Hit And Run And Legal Justice

Bro, if you haven’t invested in a dashcam yet it’s time. The dashcam market has finally caught up to what the consumer is willing to pay, every single one of you bros can afford the one below, and having a dashcam in your car can mean the difference between getting hit with a fat bill after a hit-and-run and bringing that person to justice, when you have footage to show the police.

You should never put your trust in the other drivers on the road. I live in Florida these days and I’m convinced that at any given time my car is surrounded by at least 1 drunk driver and 1 meth head. I’m not going to leave it up to chance and just assume that I’ll never get sideswiped by another car, instead I’m going to use the dashcam to ensure that if I ever get hit by another drive I’ve got the footage to prove that I wasn’t at fault…Now let’s get to the goods:

DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder & Camera 1080p: $26.99

The premium dashcam will maximize your peace of mind on the road, saving you endless trouble in the event of a crash. Simply turn it on when you’re driving, and it’ll record footage of the road on a continuous loop. If you ever find yourself in an accident, you’ll have video evidence to avoid protracted disputes with your insurance provider, in court, and much more.

— Captures HD footage
— Operates as both a recorder & digital camera
— Ensures any accident is recorded
— Records over older recordings so you always have the latest footage
— Continues recording when your car suddenly jerks or shakes, even if the device is turned off
— Offers up to 2 hours of recording time w/ 8GB microSD card
— Includes capacity for microSD card w/ up to 32GB (not included)