Look How Far You Can Drive On Empty In A Old Honda Accord

There’s nothing more spine-tingling and never-wracking like driving on an empty fuel tank. How far can you go? Can you really make it to your favorite gas station on fumes? Isn’t the fuel gauge just a suggestion?

I pushed my limits once while moving from State College back to my hometown in South Central, Pennsylvania. I was well below the last line on the fuel gauge, with the low fuel light on in my dinky little Ford Escort, packed to the brim with stuff from college. While going up a mountain in the Tuscarora State Forest — literally in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone reception — the engine started to putter. I lost all power. Outta gas. So I pulled over and did the old school thing — hitched a ride with a stranger to a gas station at a crossroads on the other side of the mountain, using the 5-gallon rubber lawn mower gas tank in the back of his pick-up for just enough fuel to get the car to that very station.

I learned my damn lesson the hard way. This guy from the YouTube channel Car Throttle pushed the limit in a 2000s-era Honda Accord with 200,000 miles on it. All things considered, he gets pretty far.

[H/T: Jalopnik]

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