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The Ease At Which A Man Can Find Solutions For This Bedroom Health Issue Is A Testament To The Progress Of Our Species

A wiser man than me once said, “Bury your problems, act like you have answers.”

If the sentence above resonates with you, odds are blue confetti shot out of the cannon at your gender reveal party.

No judgment here, us men have been conditioned to deal with real-life issues by roundhousing a slab of hanging meat since the dawn of our species. Only difference is we’ve upgraded from caves to man caves and we now have the luxury of subwoofers and death metal.

It doesn’t take a medical professional to deduce that this coping mechanism is not, in fact, healthy.

I am not deluded enough to believe that one blog post is going to reverse millions of years of XY hard-wiring, but what if I told you that fixing some of these issues has evolved to require little investment in time, effort, and money.

Getting hard is something that can get harder (pun intended) as we get older.

(side note: If there’s a smoother way to transition into hog talk, I haven’t found it).

It’s likely that nearly half of you reading this right now have experienced or are experiencing some form of issues performing in the bedroom, citing a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine focusing on men ages 50 and under.

What percentage of men do you know who admit—nevermind seek a solution for—this emasculating and menacing epidemic? My money’s on just my friend, Royce. (Thank you for your bravery, Royce. Stay hard, brother).

hims, a full-service telehealth company for the modern man, is in the process of changing that by making the process of enhanced sexual wellness as painless as possible.

To understand just how seamless this process has become, it may be worth revisiting the three biggest pain points of yesteryear.



Then: You’re in the doctor’s office waiting room fighting off a full-blown panic attack, dreading the moment you’ll have to tell a stranger in the flesh about your situation. You pick up a dated gossip magazine in a sheepish attempt to quell the nerves, but cannot make it through one headline without feeling the glares of the other patients who you’re convinced know what you’re in for. This is hell.
Now: Internet access. Do you have it? Perfect.

hims connects you to medical providers online who can evaluate and prescribe FDA-approved medications—both generic and brand name—from the comfort of your own home. No dusty waiting rooms, decades-old magazines, and potentially awkward in-person encounters.

We suggest wearing pants for this consultation, but what we don’t know can’t hurt us.


Then: Not only are you dreading the physical handshake with your doctor, but you needed to use your last day of PTO to sit in a waiting room listening to corporate soft rock and wondering whether the doctor fell asleep back there.

Now: The Hims website takes users through a comprehensive step-by-step process including an explanation of symptoms, an evaluation by a medical professional, a prescription plan, and your medicine delivered directly to your door as a cherry on top.

Customers usually get a response and prescription within 24 hours of entering your information.

Worth emphasizing.

Start now, and by tomorrow you could be well on your way to… Not ED-ville. Still workshopping that one.


Then: I don’t know how much my dad was paying for those little blue pills but there had to be a reason why I earned National Honor Society but he sent me to state school.

Truth is, Viagra back in the day was the early 2000s version of an NFT—obscenely high priced, near impossible to obtain, and the people who had ‘em probably weren’t having that much sex to begin with.

Now: While hims has a wide assortment of medications to fit individual needs, this one is worth noting:

Generic for Viagra, the most popular treatment available through the hims platform, uses the exact same active ingredient as Viagra but at a 90% percent.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ninety percent.



To revisit the very first line of this piece, maybe as a male species it’s time to address our problems by letting innovative companies fix them.

Gentlemen, this is what we call “progress.”