How To Use Your Phone To Shoot Cinematic Video Footage

Mango Street

If you’re anything like me, you like to document your experiences with a touch of polish. There’s something to be said for production quality, whether you’re chillin’ pool side in Palm Springs or an aspiring YouTuber. For example: A couple months ago, I upgraded my phone before a trip to Bonnaroo to sling some badass content (…including here on BroBible) from my favorite music festival.

Leveling-up devices, however, always comes with a steep learning curve.

And that sorta sucks.

The bottomline is this: A lot of us are walking around with super computers in our pockets that can capture, edit, and distribute some truly epic content, yet very few of us know how to truly unleash the true power of our devices.

Or we simply don’t have the patience and we move on with our lives without attempting to master the learning curve.

YouTube channel Mango Street does a damn good job explaining how to embrace the cameras on the sophisticated devices glued to our hands.

Armed with the new Samsung Galaxy Note10, our new friends at Mango Street put together a little instructional tutorial for making cinematic content all within the device. There’s some crazy new features that us arm chair content creators can appreciate without going full spec nerd: Live Focus Video, Super steady technology. I’m never not trimming a video on a phone without a S Pen stylus again.

As a professional content creator, how does the Samsung Galaxy Note10 camera stack up against other phones you’ve used in the past? 

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is pretty impressive and has a lot more photo and video features than other mobile phones that we’ve seen. Between the rear triple camera and a Video editor built right into the phone, there’s a lot to play with when capturing footage on the go. We’re big proponents of utilizing the gear you have with you and smartphones like this make capturing really good footage a whole lot easier.

What’s are some of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 camera? 

We’re always shooting in multiple locations and look for equipment that performs well and is just as flexible as we are. We tend to shoot more run-and-gun style, so the Super steady feature is really cool to help stabilize footage. To be able to have this without needing a Gimbal is really fun to use and makes shaking video – smooth. The Ultra-Wide lens is also really great to have on a smartphone. It adds a new field of view than most smartphones are capable of producing. We also loved the ability to add your own handwriting into your videos — literally adding your personal touch to your footage. 

Mango Street

What are some of the best everyday situations that Samsung Galaxy Note10 camera excels in? 

We’re big fans of the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. This really helps take everyday moments like Instagram Stories to the next level by not only upping the quality most people are accustomed to seeing, but also with the camera effects like blur and the glitch effect. You’re able to do more in-depth edits that can help set you apart. You don’t need technical expertise to do any of it, so that’s pretty sweet.

How will the Samsung Galaxy Note10 take my video game to the next level? 

Typically when we’re out shooting, we try not to think too much about the camera and how it’ll perform in the moment. And that’s really important because if it gets in the way, it will impede with our creative process. That’s especially true for everyday users who just want to take a great video and share it with the world instantly. With the Note10 you can edit wherever you are right from your phone using the S Pen. That’s a pretty cool feature to have at your fingertips (literally).

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