This Ice Ball Maker Is About To Elevate Your Whiskey Drinking To The Next Level, And It’s Dirt Cheap

Assuming this isn’t your first rodeo these days you’re probably either drinking your whiskey/bourbon/rye neat, without any ice at all, or you’re only adding one or two ice cubes to your glass of finely distilled spirit. Adding to much ice to almost any drink can ruin it, and that’s why you need to take a new approach to the ice you’re using. This Ice Ball Maker from Rox costs just over eight bucks (free shipping with Amazon Prime), and with it you’ll be able to get to a place in life where you’re not longer watering down your booze with too many ice cubes.

Each tray makes four ice balls, and you could certainly buy multiple trays if you wanted to because they’re affordable enough, but my suggestion would be to buy 1 or 2 of these and just keep a plastic bag in your freezer so that every time you make a round of ice balls you can dump them into the bag and start all over again, that way you’ll likely never run out of ice balls during a night of serious bourbon drinking. There’s also the option of buying the Rox Double Tray for twelve bucks instead of eight, or you could scoop up the Rox XL for sixteen bucks. That decision’s up to you, and you can make that decision by following those links below to choose the best ice ball maker/tray for your needs!

Rox Ice Ball Maker: $8.69