Introducing, Your New Favorite Pair of Pants

Like many of you, I watched How to Make it in America, secretly loved it, and think I know something about trying to get established in the cut-throat Bro-wear industry. I of course know pretty much nothing, but Jomers designer Meyer Dagmy seems to know his stuff. His line of pants, Jomers, seemed primed to change the game–these are pants that are stylish and affordable, high-quality, and feature “lightweight pinwale courduroy, a Europea -Style side-snap closure, double-welt back pockets, and printed liner.” They're available in multiple colors, and are priced at $58–which as any style vet would know, is a tough number to beat. 

Probably the best aspect of Jomers is that they're all limited edition–meaning the liners will change by season, as fabric is hand picked directly. Very DIY, very high-class, without being douchey at the same time. All in all, very 2013.

Jomers is based and made in Manhattan, and you can learn more about the new dope style here. Ladies, a great gift for your man. Bros, a great way to spice up your look and get the girl that'll buy you the pants.