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The Jameson ‘Sportsgiving’ Kit Is Your Ticket To Having The Best Long Weekend Of The Year

The Jameson 'Sportsgiving' Cocktail Kit Is A Holiday Must-Have


The last Thursday in November has traditionally marked the unofficial start of the holiday season in the United States, as Thanksgiving is the perfect way to usher in a yearly stretch that’s largely defined by the urge to embrace your inner glutton, stayed glued to a couch for hours on end, and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

At the risk of disrespecting Independence Day, I’d also argue there’s no holiday that sums up the essence of America quite like Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong; I love an excuse to crush hot dogs and watch things explode in the name of patriotism, but I’d argue nothing truly captures the spirit of the country like a holiday that revolves around literally eating to the point of exhaustion, sitting down to watch some Turkey Day action unfold on the gridiron, and not getting up again until you have room for some apple pie.

Thanksgiving also kicks off an absolutely glorious stretch for sports fans who will have literally hundreds of football, basketball, hockey, and soccer games to choose from over the course of the long weekend—and the folks at Jameson have whipped up an ingenious way to celebrate with the “Sportsgiving” cocktail kit via Cocktail Courier that will come in very handy during that stretch.

Jameson Sportsgiving Cocktail Kit


There’s really no wrong way to enjoy the most popular Irish whiskey on the planet, but Jameson’s Sportsgiving package will help you take your game day to the next level and ensure there are plenty of options to play around with while taking in any and every game you decide to throw on with friends.

Each kit, delivered via Cocktail Courier, comes with a 750 ml bottle of Jameson Original along with all of the ingredients and the “gameplan” you’ll need to whip up this quartet of signature cocktails inspired by some of the pastimes you’ll have the chance to pick from over the course of the weekend.

  • The JHL: a take on Gold Rush made with lemon and honey
  • The Jameson Red Zone Toddy: a winter warmer featuring cranberry juice, spiced black chai tea, brown sugar, cinnamon, and lemon
  • The Jameson Yellow Card: a highball with orange juice and lemon-lime soda, also pairs well with Jameson Orange
  • Jameson Buzzer Bitters: a slightly savory stiff drink starring spiced pumpkin puree and sage

Those cocktails are the ideal excuse to channel your inner mixologist, but if you reach a point where you’d prefer something a little less involved, you can always deploy the Jameson Ginger & Lime Cocktail in a Can that comes in every kit.

You can snag a Sportsgiving kit ahead of Thanksgiving for $97.99, and they’ll be available until December 9th for anyone hoping to put the “spirit” in “holiday spirit” in the coming weeks.



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