This Is The Most Innovative Keychain Of Our Generation, The KeySmart Is Only $12 Today!

It’s hard for me to emphasize enough just how big of an impact a keychain like this will have on your day to day life. Instead of having those dangly ass keys flopping around everywhere this is going to get your life in order, and on top of that the KeySmart Rugged packs a host of tools that you bros will use day in and day out. The KeySmart Rugged comes in three colors (Black, Blue, and Red), but before we talk colors let’s check out the product itself, shall we?

KeySmart Rugged — Get Rid of Your Keychain & Hold Up to 14 Keys with The Newest, Toughest KeySmart

KeySmart, the leader in cutting-edge key wallet technology, has a brand new, heavy duty line of key organizers – and warning, you’re going to need one. The KeySmart Rugged has all the simple key organizing features of the original, but with a carrying capacity of up to 14 keys, this is truly the first model to make your keychain obsolete.

— Carry from 2 to 14 keys in a single key organizer
— Attach your car key fob & minimize the clutter in your pockets
— Clip the key on your belt loop for facilitated carry
— Bring it to work, hiking, to the beach—no elements are too tough
— Go to the KeySmart website to add accessories like USB drives, bottle openers & more

Buy It Here: $11.99