Let Tarantula Tequila Spice Up Your Weekend

First up is Tarantula Plata 100. It’s crisp, clean and made of 100 percent agave tequila. Jesse Pinkman wishes he could create something so pure. Now, I’m not the biggest tequila fan, but after taking (a few) shots of this stuff, I’m starting to change my tune. Plata has a nice aftertaste, enough so drinking it straight is no big deal – even if you’re a baby like me. It’s as smooth as a Kevin Durant jumper, plus it will get you buzzed. Everyone wins.

Next up is Tarantula’s Reposado. It’s the same Plata tequila aged to perfection. Drinking it will make you feel like a big boy. Seriously. After (a few) shots, my biceps pulsed and, for the first time, I truly understood the ending of Lost. Your results may vary.

The bottom line: I liked both of these. And normally, the very notion of tequila makes me squeamish. I guess I was just waiting for the right kind to come sweep me off my feet.

Bottoms up. I think it just happened. 

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