Lexus Has An Extra Spicy Custom Sriracha IS, Complete With A Hot Sauce Trunk

Hot sauce is the elixir of life. Gastronomically, it makes your tastebuds come alive, much like the thrill of pushing the pedal to the floor in a brand-new car on the open road.

In celebration of the 2017 Lexus IS launch, Lexus teamed up with the world’s most beloved hot sauve, Sriracha, to create a custom Sriracha edition of the IS.  According to Lexus, it features the following:

  • A custom paint job with chili-like flecks
  • A Sriracha-injected steering wheel
  • Temperature settings that go from cool to Sriracha
  • Bottle cap green accents on the spindle grille, seat stitching and mood lighting.

Personally I’m all about the trunk filled with 43 bottles of Sriracha. You’d look like such a boss at your next tailgate.

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