This Frying Pan Is Perfect For Both The Laziest And Smartest Cooks Ever



I like cooking but sometimes if a recipe calls for too many components I say “screw it” and order pizza or just eaten Bacos with a spoon.

This master pan eliminates the need for several pans because it can fit and cook 100 items on one burner.

Master Pan is a 15″ skillet with 5 divided compartments that will, quite literally, allow you to cook an entire meal while only getting one pan dirty. The die cast aluminum pan has a heavy gauge bottom with an energy efficient base that gives it enough heft to last a lifetime but also allows the middle to get 15-20% hotter for grilling meats. In other words, you can cook all your proteins (bacon, sausage, burgers, salmon, etc.) in the middle while your sides (potatoes, asparagus, pancakes, buns, etc.) do their thing in the outside four sections. Combine everything on the plate when it’s cooked, and then you only have one pan to wash.

I bet you’ll still be lazy and take like a week to wash it. Buy it anyway, it’s cool.

[via Cool Material]