5 Reasons Why Every Single Dude Should Know To Trim His ‘Man Area’ During Summer

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It’s no secret that having body hair, especially in the nether regions, is undesirable. It can be itchy. It can be dirty. It can get sweaty. It can really stink. And, oh yeah, no woman really enjoys a big ol’ bush staring back at her once your drop your drawers.

To combat such a thing, there’s Meridian Grooming‘s Trimmer and Ball Spray, which help you keep things orderly below the belt, while also eliminating any stench or discomfort — ’cause scratching your junk anytime, especially in public, isn’t a good look.

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Designed specifically for the man with ’80s rocker-like pubic hair, Meridian Grooming‘s products are the ideal way to make sure you’re cleaned up, smooth and ready for action down there. And because we think these two things are what every man needs in his bathroom as a handy sidekick before heading out this summer, take a look below at some of the details on each.

  • The Trimmer:
    • Waterproof trimmer that handles coarse and curly hair without tugs and pulls
    • Features rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade module featuring extra sensitive technology to prevent nicks and snags
  • The Spray:
    • A pH balanced spray to help neutralize odor and skin irritation down there Grooming for below-the-waist
    • Too often “down there” is neglected
    • Precision grade products to help most prized possessions
    • Say goodbye to nicks & tugs — stay fresh and clean

Now that you have a little idea about what Meridian Grooming products to use on your below-the-belt bush, we’re giving you some very simple (but critical) reasons as to why every guy needs to avoid out-of-control pubes this summer.

Ladies Prefer A Clean Region

Instead of busting out some random figure here that’s available on the Internet, we’ll just go ahead and say this: Ask 10 ladies if they like pubic hair and see how they react. There, you’ve got real-life research and results, with women absolutely saying that they dislike a bush. Unless you’re hanging out in a hippy commune, we bet the numbers will be at least 70 percent against all that coarse hair down there.

You’ll Have More Confidence

Want to know why billionaire nerds snag models as wives and girlfriends? OK, part of it might be because they’ve got tons of money and are pretty nice guys, but it’s also because they’ve got plenty of confidence. You deserve to have that same mentality each and every day; which is why cleaning up the field of bush around your genitals is necessary — because you never know when Ms. Right may come around and be interested in getting frisky.

Use code ‘BRO15’ at checkout to get 15% off ALL Meridian Grooming products


Because A Bush Is So ’70s, Bro

We’re not encouraging it, but if you go back and look at any ’70s flick, you may see a helluva lot of genital taco meat. But last time we checked the calendar, it’s 2020 — for better or worse — meaning that whole au naturale look has long since past. Having a bunch of pubic hair doesn’t make you look more manlier anymore, guys, so do yourselves a favor and ditch the thought that it does.

Fewer Pubes Means Decreased Insulation

In most of the country, it’s 80+ degrees out. Want to know what that means? Sweating. Lots and lots of it, too. Dark places like armpits and genital regions are usually the worst hit spots, meaning your bush is just a sitting there soaking up all that heat, providing a nice pool of gross sweat. It’s time to take charge and avoid that from happening with Meridian Grooming’s Trimmer, and eliminate any gross smells from sweat with their Ball Spray.

Less Chance Of Catching Some Nasty Bacteria

Want to know what’s a breeding ground for gross little bacteria? Yep, you guessed it, your pubes. From the aforementioned stench from sweat to, worse, tons of little critters setting up in that cozy (but disgusting) genital hair of yours, no guy should have to worry about finding some unexpected guests that can get him sick because of his pubic hair. Avoid such a thing by simply mowing the lawn below the belt.

Use code ‘BRO15’ at checkout to get 15% off ALL Meridian Grooming products


Use code ‘BRO15’ at checkout to get 15% off ALL Meridian Grooming products


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