With One Look At The ‘MINUS-8 Diver’ Titanium Dive Watch You’ll Be Hooked On This Badass And Gorgeous Timepiece

Based out of San Francisco, MINUS-8 Watches has been manufacturing some of the most eye-catching watches for men over the past few years and today they’ve just debuted The Diver, a stunning titanium diver’s watch that’s perfect for every man. When I first caught sight of this watch I knew that it was going to be a HUGE for MINUS-8 and already my premonition is proving to be correct because it’s only been a matter of hours since the MINUS-8 DIVER launched on IndieGoGo and already it’s well on its way to reaching the campaign goal.

There are currently only 500 of these watches in the world available for purchase, so if you wait and it sells out then you’ll be stuck waiting for the second-run editions. Now, let’s take a look at some photographs of this watch and then below we’ll look at the features, but if you want to jump straight over to the IndieGoGo campaign for ‘The Diver’ by MINUS-8 just click here:

If you noticed two different watches above that’s because ‘The Diver’ comes in Matte Black or Matte Silver, now let’s check out the full set of listed features:

— Pressure tested by a technician in a Winfred WF-208 water proof testing machine and pressure tested up to 30ATM ( 1016.99 feet) with 3 Bar (43.5 psi) of pressure to verify that the seals are sound and that the helium release valve is working
— The Diver is a modern, functional take on the original diving watch design
— The Diver is one of the finest entry-level luxury watches available on the market soon
— Individual retail price is $788 but its selling for a limited tim at $588 on IndieGoGo, less than 500 are currently available
— Indiegogo purchases guaranteed to ship before Christmas
— Waterproof and able to dive down to 30 atmospheres or 300 meters underwater. That’s nearly 1000 ft deep.
— Japanese movement; Seiko Automatic Movement
— Sapphire crystal glass face
— Available in two titanium scratch-resistant finishes: matte black, silver
— Based in San Francisco, MINUS-8 is a West Coast-based consumer lifestyle brand

Alright, bros, if you’re intersted in this watch you can head on over to the IndieGoGo campaign and scoop up your watch today before they all sellout and you have to wait for the second run!

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