You Can Have Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. Soon Thanks To ‘World’s Most Secretive Startup’ Technology

Here’s the exclusive video from WIRED in which we see what “mixed reality” would look like through this Magic Leap technology that will make you feel like Iron Man Tony Stark.

We’ve seen this kinda tech in movies for a long time. From Star Wars to Minority Report and now it seems this could be real life sooner than we thought. And, as much as computers are completely ruining my life, I’m all for it until my head splits open from overload.

You know those damn TV commercials where some crooked company tries to fluff us with their promises of a whole new world and everything will change and blah blah blah then at the very bottom of the screen they have this is a simulation, none of this shit can actually happen. Well, for the first time, we can see a footer that says this is what is actually happening for reals. I almost exploded.

My buddy got himself a virtual reality headset and I’m VERY worried we’re gonna lose him to another dimension. He could turn out like the fatties from Wall-E. All muscle tissue gone, 100% blubber. I’m not as down on ‘mixed reality’. At least you’re still somewhat ‘with’ us. But, if you think people have ADD now, I can’t even bring myself to think how anyone can get anyone’s attention when this rolls out.

You can read more about the “world’s most secretive startup” here and check out Magic Leap’s site here.

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