The Long Wait Is Over! You Can Now Get GPS Directions From Morgan Freeman

It’s official! You can now download the voice of God himself, Morgan Freeman, to speak GPS directions on the Waze App. As part of the promotion for Morgan Freeman‘s upcoming film London Has Fallen he has partnered with Waze and is now one of the celebrity voices that can be downloaded. This is a HUGE get for Waze, as Morgan Freeman’s considered to be the Holy Grail of celebrity voices reading off GPS directions.

Waze announced this news yesterday in a blog post:

Yes, it’s true. Morgan Freeman, star of the upcoming film London Has Fallen, will now be directing you through traffic as Vice President Trumbull. Far and away one of the most requested voices by Wazers, U.S drivers will now be able to have Mr. Freeman as their new executive copilot.

Ready to get meta? Use Morgan’s voice to guide you the theatre to see his new movie London Has Fallen. Vice President Trumbull has lots of work to do to save the world, and he’s only with us for a limited time. Download the app and voice for free at, then Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.

Now that Morgan Freeman has partnered with Waze it seems like James Earl Jones and Alec Baldwin are the two ‘Great White Buffaloes’ still out there, the voices that fans are clamoring to have speak their GPS directions.

Bringing in big name celebrities to speak turn-by-turn navigation directions is nothing new for Waze, in fact they’ve had quite a bit of success with this in the past. Previous celebrity voice packs include:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ed Helms
Elvis Presley
Jay Leno
Kevin Hart
KFC Colonel Sanders
Neil Patrick Harris
Rob Gronkowski
Safe Mode Kids
Stephen Colbert
Terry Crews
Vlade Divac
Star Wars

For more on how to get Morgan Freeman as the voice of your GPS you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Waze’s Blog!

[h/t TIME]

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