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Save $150 When Upgrading Your Home Gym With MYXfitness Plus Free Delivery And Setup

Save $100 When Upgrading Your Home Gym With MYXfitness Plus Free Delivery And Setup

2021 has come to a close, so it’s that annual time of the year where we all convince ourselves that we’ll exercise more these next few months. It’s a New Year’s resolution that is easily the most commonly made and abandoned. Even I’m already thinking of excuses to keep me from exercising more.

With the cold weather sweeping in and a new variant spreading, there’s plenty of reason for not wanting to hit the gym after the holidays. Plus, after almost two years of home workouts due to the pandemic, finding the motivation to continue that grind can be difficult. Thankfully, MYXfitness is here to make 2022 the year you actually follow through with your fitness goals.

The MYX II total fitness system provides an affordable and versatile home workout option that is backed by science to generate real results. As a professional-grade stationary bike featuring a heart rate monitor and a sleek, interactive touchscreen tablet, the MYX II is a complete home gym. To get you following through on those New Year’s resolutions and make working out easier, MYX is helping you save $350 total when upgrading your home gym!

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What’s included with the MYX II?

MYX II colors

The MYX II is available in two different color options—Natural White or Deep Charcoal. Check out what’s included in the box:

  • Stationary Star Trac Bike
  • Sleek, interactive touchscreen tablet (21.5″)
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor
  • (MYX Membership separate at $29/mo + tax)
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

Curious as to what features the MYX II offers? Here’s just a few that make the MYX II a total fitness system for the body and mind:

  • Thousands of workouts with new sessions added weekly
  • Dozens of motivating, world-class trainers
  • In-workout data including heart rate, speed, cadence, and distance
  • Pairing capability with Apple Watch

Get $150 OFF + FREE Delivery & Setup ($200 value) – use code: NEWMYX150


MYX II full home gym

Why MYX works

When you’ve got a busy schedule, it can feel like there’s just no time to work out. MYX was created with that in mind. Whatever your fitness goal is and no matter how much time you have free, MYX provides science-driven, highly personalized heart rate-based training to help reach your goals. Whether you’ve only got time for 20 minutes twice a week, 10 minutes in between meetings, or daily hour-long sessions, MYX has you covered.

Get $150 OFF + FREE Delivery & Setup ($200 value) – use code: NEWMYX150


MYX band

Starting with your heart

MYX comes with a heart rate monitor for a reason. Many training programs rely on speed, cadence, and distance alone. While MYX does track those metrics, the more effective method of training is to work out through varying levels of heart rate intensity. How does that happen? The Zone Calibration Ride measures your individual cardiovascular fitness to create three customized heart rate zones for you to condition your aerobic system with.

MYX workout recommendations

Personalizing everything

Right out the box, your MYX heart rate-based fitness experience is customized to help you work out most efficiently for your age group. But age-based training isn’t enough.

By completing the Zone Calibration Ride, MYX creates three customized heart rate zones allowing workouts to be personalized to YOU. Not sure which workouts to do? MYX smart recommendations make it easy by providing workouts based on your Zone Calibration Ride outcomes and your goals.


Optimizing efficiency and consistency

MYX’s smart recos intelligently guides you through personalized workout recommendations to optimize the time you have so you can reach your fitness goals efficiently. Plus, MYX trainers are there to keep you motivated and having fun during your workouts!

By leading with your heart, MYXfitness aims to minimize your risk of fatigue and overwork. That way you can better avoid injury and continue making steady strides towards your goals all through 2022.

Get $150 OFF + FREE Delivery & Setup ($200 value) – use code: NEWMYX150


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