NextEV’s Newly Unveiled NIO EP9 Electric Car Can Haul Ass, Reaches Speeds Up To 196mph

The first footage of NextEV’s NIO EP9 electric car has begun to circulate the world of gear heads today and HOLY HELL is this car impressive. It tops out at 196mph, but the NIO EP9 accelerates from 0 to 124mph in just 7.1 seconds, making it one of the fastest vehicles on planet earth.

A clip of NextEV’s NIO EP9 absolutely BEASTING its way through the Nurburg Ring was shared earlier today over on Inverse, and I can’t help but feel a deep sense that this footage signals a shift in how the high-end automobile world will forever think about electric vehicles:

The biggest complaint most people have with electric cars is you lose the visceral experience and tactile feedback of a typical engine. When you slam on that gas pedal of a jacked-up V8 engine you can feel a car rumble, and with super cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini you will often get that high-pitched roar of the engine. This is something lacking in electric cars, but it shouldn’t prohibit anyone from buying one because the NIO EP9 from NextEV is proof that electric cars can hang with just about any vehicle in the world.

The NIO EP9 from NextEV has a range of 256 miles on a 45-minute charge, and an engine measurement of roughly one megawatt which translates to about 1,340 brake horsepower, according to the report on Inverse.

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