Nike “Fanny Pack” Sandals Might Be The Ugliest Footwear Creation Since Crocs

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Nike unveiled the latest version of their iconic Benassi Slides and these horrendous designs went full ‘high fashion’ by including a fanny pack on the strap of the sandals. If Nike‘s goal was to manufacture a lot of press without paying for any of it then they’ve certainly succeeded in doing that because from where I’m sitting, everyone on the Internet is laughing at them today.

Is there any practical reason to put a fanny pack on sandals? No, the answer is no. The fanny pack isn’t large enough to holding anything worthwhile and frankly if you were to put a bunch of credit cards, cash, coins, and a cellphone in there the sandals would be too damn heavy and they’d slip off your feet everytime you took a step.

The “Fanny Pack” Benassi JDI slides will drop soon and come in multiple color options. The first colors expected to drop are gray/black, black/pink, and green/blue. Here’s what these fanny pack Benassi Slides look like and here’s what Twitter had to say about them:

Some people on Twitter, mostly bloggers, are claiming they might want these fanny pack slides but I’m guessing they’re taking that stance mostly for the clicks. No person in their right mind could ever look at these and think ‘you know what, putting a fanny pack on some sandals was a great and stylish idea and I need these now!’

It’s not like these are meant to be comfortable or functional like Crocs. These are just a hideous pair of sandals designed to get people talking and in that endeavor, they’ve already succeeded.

(h/t Twitter Moments)

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