Nintendo’s Top 10 Biggest Fails

10. Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was a poor decision for their handheld selection, as usually they maintain dominance in that spectrum.  The launch price was outrageous; the screen will make you nauseous and its poor battery life tops it all off.  What good is a handheld without good battery life?

9. Nintendo Wii

The standard definition graphics alone for this system are just plain ugly.  That along with a lack of basic features like playable demos, a hard drive and a proper voice chat feature has made it lose the momentum it originally started out with over the years.

8. DVD Playback and Online Play

In 2001, DVD playback was a big deal, now-a-days not so much. They've also steered away from improving online play, despite the fact that their competition has offered up quite a selection over the last decade.

7. Nintendo GameCube

The design itself scared off hardcore gamers with its flagship color being purple.  That and the inclusion of a lunchbox style handlebar made it a huge epic fail for Nintendo.

6. Censorship

Gamers want to choose what they want to play themselves and don’t like it when a company polices what they want to consume. It’s censorship of Mortal Combat made gamers head over to the Sega Genesis version to get the real thing, while Nintendo was then forever stamped as a kid brand.



5. N64 Sticking With Cartridges

We all know how much we love blowing in those damn things to make them work, but when N64 stuck with cartridges instead of moving to discs, it lost them a lot of money in partnership deals.  They lacked in memory and were very expensive to manufacture aside from being kid friendly and loading faster, they just weren't up to par with the gaming community.

4. Virtual Boy

Nintendo attempted 3D way before the 3DS, and that was with the Virtual Boy.  The visuals were monochrome and the table-top mounting display along with a lack of games was a mega failure.

3. The Power Glove

I was never privy to testing this little device out, but the internet has already taken millions of jabs at it.

2. The Wii U Wait List

This alone helped Nintendo lose serious ground in keeping pace with their former partner Sony and Microsoft.  The console was the worst ever to date. They didn't have the inventory to back it up in stores, so they started handed Wii U’s out on a first come, first serve basis. The damage they did to themselves with this horrifically sloppy idea was probably worse than what it did for retail clerks and gamers.

1. Creating Sony PlayStation

This one will probably haunt Nintendo for the rest of their lives. In case you weren't aware, Nintendo is responsible for its greatest rival’s existence – the Sony PlayStation. Back in 1986, the CD-ROM platform was just taking off and the possibilities were endless. Nintendo partnered with Sony to develop a CD-ROM attachment for the SNES, some sort of station of play, known as “Play Station.” Sony and Nintendo could never come to an agreement though and in 1991 Sony debuted the PlayStation at the Consumer Electronics show and the next day Nintendo broke their agreement and said they’d be making a new CD-ROM/SNES program with Philips. Sony got angry, and a few years later released the PlayStation which will go down in gaming history. Philips, however released the CD-i – which you probably don’t know what that even is, right? Smooth move Nintendo!


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