Bro, Do U Even Vape? Because If You Do Then You Need To Check Out These Premium Phantom Vapes

I feel like we’ve moved past the point in society were vaping was taboo. There was a time when people were hating on vaping regularly but I think we’ve finally progressed to a point where it’s just readily accepted, and that’s great because a lot of bros use vaping as away to wean themselves off of smoking cigarettes. As a former smoker I whole-heartedly support this activity, and even if I take shots at vaping from time to time here on BroBible it’s all in jest.

That’s why I’m stoked today to tell you bros about a great deal we’ve got going with Phantom Vaporizers, some of the most premium vapes on the market…Let’s check out the goods, shall we?

Phantom Mini Vaporizer: Light Up Like a Boss, This Premium Vape Smokes the Competition

The Phantom Mini makes other vapes look cheap. The sleek, solid black design gives you the sophisticated look you want when you’re vaping in a crowd. There’s no combustion so all you have to do is turn it on for big clouds and smooth taste. There’s a locked-in mouthpiece that won’t budge and an optimized temperature setting of 420F to enjoy your vapors anytime, anywhere.

— Holds 0.2-0.3 grams of dry herb product
— Includes an optimized temperature of 420F
— Contains built-in rechargeable batteries
— Features a mouthpiece locked in place


Phantom Premium Vaporizer: Quality + Functionality, 3 Temperature Settings Are Better Than 1

For the ultimate vaping experience, turn to the all powerful Phantom. It keeps the design simple for extreme discretion, and focuses in on what really counts: big clouds of vapor and a super smooth taste. The new premium edition packs three temperature settings instead of one, and a handy internal rechargeable battery. Sometimes simple is just what the doctor ordered.

— Holds about 0.3 grams of dry herb product
— Includes three settings for optimized temperature: 374F (green light), 410F (blue light) & 436F — (red light)
— Contains a built-in rechargeable battery
— Features a mouthpiece locked in place


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