This Flameless And Rechargeable Lighter Will Be The Last You’ll Ever Need

Plazmatic X Lighter

Plazmatic X Lighter

There was a brief period, around the time of Swingers, when I carried a lighter in my pocket at all times. I didn’t smoke but it was always good to have on hand just in case of a chance meeting with a dime in a bar who happened to like lighting up for fun and pleasure. That happened absolutely zero times. Still, it was fun to just have a lighter handy.

These days, having a lighter on hand at all times seems practical. Not just for meeting women but because it feels as though World War 3 is going to break at any moment and there may be a need to light some shit on fire. If the end is near, you’re going to want a lighter to last until the end of eternity (which might only be a week because, you know, bombs).

The Plazmatic X is a flameless, dual beam plasma lighter. It’s able to heat up to a scorching 900 degrees Fahrenheit, is TSA approved, wind-proof and USB rechargeable.  One charge typically gets about 100 or more lights per charge, long-lasting battery with 200+ charge cycles.

The Plazmatic X is butane and fluid-free so no nasty chemicals are hanging out in your pockets or possibly getting in your lungs.

Check out more about Plazmatic X on their official website and grab one today, or at the very least, before the world ends. Which also might be today.