Grab Some Zzzs Anywhere With This Handy Hammock That Sets Up In Seconds

XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps

Summertime is perfect for being lazy. Fine, being lazy is a year ’round way of life, but the slowed down days of summer make it easier to justify screwing around.

If you’re into being lazy, but can’t always find the perfect spot to lounge, this $19 hammock is a must-purchase. This hammock sets up in seconds and with one of the longest straps on the market, the MalloMe XL hammock easily suspends between anchor points 20 feet apart. So no more worrying about finding the perfect distance between trees.

The reinforced double-power stitching can hold up 2,000+ LBS of pressure and up to 700 pounds of people weight. So it’s big enough for you and, you know, a friend. Wink wink.

Get it now for a steal and be lazy for the rest of the season, and your life.


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