Puma Released Their ‘Rihanna x Puma Fenty Trainer’ And They Look Like Space Shoes Gone Bad

Smokin’ hot singer Rihanna might have a record named “Good Girl Gone Bad,” but, if you ask me, the shoes she designed and that were just released today for Puma are space shoes gone bad, ’cause they’re pretty fucking ugly.

Having collaborated with the athletic brand in the past, the company released the “Rihanna x Puma Fenty Trainer” today, which is the first shoe that Riri had, apparent, full control on in terms of design.

Coming in three solid shades—red, black and white—the first thing everyone notices is the extra-long tongue, which sort of take away from the rest of the shoe.

Puma named Rihanna its women’s creative director in 2014, so I’m sure we’ll see more collaboration between the two as time goes on—but let’s hope future projects turn out better than these Fenty Trainers did.

[H/T Kicks on Fire]

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