Here’s The World’s First REAL Hoverbike In Action, Proof That The Future Is Now

Hoverbikes have appeared in Science Fiction films on the big screen for quite some time. Just like with flying cars, people alive in the 1980’s assumed that within 20 years everyone on the planet would own a hoverbike. Obviously, this isn’t the case.

Somewhere along the line engineers either decided hoverbikes were too impractical to build or they became too enamored with drones. Whatever the case may be, the dawning of the Age of Hoverbikes is finally upon us thanks to Hoversurf. In a series of videos (like the one above), Hoversurf has shown that not only are hoverbikes able to fly but they can also be rather simplistic in design.

By applying the quadcopter (drone) design to the field of hoverbikes, Hoversurf has shown that they’re able to maneuver this futuristic contraption around a warehouse and not just lift up off the ground. I, for one, welcome this new era of badass hoverbikes and cannot wait for the day when I can hop onto my flying hoverbike and take off for the beach without having to get stuck in traffic behind all of these 90-year-old drivers and awful snowbirds here in Florida.

(h/t RSVLTS)

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