Review: Monster 24K Gold-Plated Headphones

First announced in January 2014 at CES in Las Vegas, Monster Products’ 24K Gold-Plated Headphones are sure to catch your eye. Just look at these bad boys. They’re freaking gold!

Now I am no audiophile, but then again most of you probably aren’t either, so this review is for the average Joe who likes to listen to some tunes without the annoyances of being bothered by any outside sound.

First off, let’s just say these aren’t your average headphones. The sound clearly smokes any previous headphones I’ve owned. Crisp and clear at any level, they’re made even more useful by the fact that their DJ-style swiveling earcups can make you comfy in any listening position. These definitely aren’t your shitty earbuds, bro.

As an added bonus, you can also quickly take calls using Monster’s ControlTalk Universal® which lets you conveniently switch between from music to your phone with an in-line mic that features controls for Android, tablets and other devices.

If you’re looking for a kickass holiday gift for your friends, family members or just for yourself, these Monster 24K Gold-Plated Headphones will definitely put you on the gift recipient’s nice list.

More details about Monster 24K:
· Musicians like Meek Mills and athletes like Marshawn Lynch, Jadevon Clowney and Andrew Wiggins wear 24K
· Pure Monster Sound integral to each pair, driving bass at the heart
· Professional DJ Style Ear Swiveling Cups
· Design meant for fashion and comfort
· Iconic Gold-plated band meant to be an accessory as much as a pair of headphones
· Super plush ear cushions for comfort
· ControlTalk Universal
· Available in over 450 Best Buy Stores starting October 13 as well as at and at all major U.S. airports

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