Is The Ridge Wallet Worth It? – Why It’s One Of The Best Slim Wallets For Everyday Carry

If you’re a frequent listener of comedy and sports podcasts, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of The Ridge Wallet. It seems like their ad reads are everywhere these days, causing the brand to explode in popularity thanks to a well-constructed slim wallet for everyday carry. Over 500,000+ Ridge Wallets have been sold since Daniel and Paul Kane, a father-son team, launched the Ridge Wallet on Kickstarter in 2013.

But what you don’t hear on these podcasts is an authentic, honest-to-goodness Ridge Wallet review. Sure, these hosts claim it’s one of the best slim wallets for everyday carry, but have they really replaced their bulky leather wallet with a Ridge Wallet and put it to the test where it matters – hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, on a road trip, etc.?

The bottom line is this: Every single Ridge Wallet is engineered for an active lifestyle. There are many other slim wallets out there, but the Ridge Wallet is winning name recognition amongst men of all ages with it’s branding as the best everyday carry wallet of choice for guys who like to get out there and have an adventure.

What Patagonia is to the outwear game and Jeep is to the off-roading game, the Ridge Wallet is to the everyday carry wallet game. It’s the Yeti cooler of wallets.

Ridge Wallet Review

The Ridge Wallet is a tactical RFID-blocking wallet. It’s modern and minimalist, yet holds between 1-12 cards (credit cards, IDs, insurance, Starbucks gift cards from your Aunt Barb, etc) without stretching out. And what about your greenbacks for those situations when cash is king? Yes, there are sturdy side clips to securely hold your cash in place.

What makes a Ridge Wallet so great is the durable materials used. Options include carbon fiber 3K, forged carbon, titanium, and aluminum. Ridge Wallets come in a variety of colorways depending on the metal, including gunmetal, woodland camo, matte cobalt, matte olive, gold, and desert tan. There’s an aesthetic for whatever you’re looking for with your EDC items.

The great thing about a wallet made from extra tough metals like titanium and aluminum? They’re manufactured for traveling light – the only way to fly. Sure, they can survive a drop off a cliff and keep your stuff in tact. But nothing feels better on your pockets than upgrading to a minimalist wallet after lugging around a George Costanza-size billfold for years.

This makes a Ridge Wallet a no-brainer for comfortable everyday carry. For example, the Carbon Fiber 3k wallet only weights 1.6 oz when empty. Aluminum Ridge Wallets only weighs 2oz when empty, while Titanium Ridge Wallets weigh a slightly heavier 2.5 oz.

You’ll barely know it’s there, making a Ridge Wallet ideal for freeing up pocket space and ensuring you’ve got the best slim wallets on the market. I guess that’s why their motto is “Carry Less. Live More.”

Ridge Wallet Features

– Lightweight aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber plates, durable ceramic coating, and a matte finish
– Cash clip holds cash in place safe and secure
– Expandable track holds 1-12 cards
– Slim front pocket profile to alleviate lower back pain
– Blocks RFID-skimming devices (wireless credit card and identity theft)
– Integrated expandable track with replaceable elastic
– Weighs 1.6-2 oz

Ridge Wallet Price

The Ridge Wallet checks all the boxes regarding cosmetics, construction, and feel. Price is a key consideration in my Ridge Wallet review before a final grade.

Look, I get it: There are a lot of slim wallets on Amazon that are more or less knockoffs and imposters of each other. And they’re all over the place when it comes to a price point, ranging from $20 to $100+. But look – There’s a reason a Yeti cool costs Yeti prices. It’s a premium cooler that’s revolutionized the cooler game, thoughtfully engineered to match a lifestyle.

The same goes for the Ridge Wallet. Price point starts at $95 for the aluminum wallet and goes up to $140 for the Carbon Fiber wallets. The Titanium wallet starts at $110.


The Bottomline

The ultimate men’s accessory for someone who prides themselves on an active outdoor lifestyle. Quality is everything, as is name recognition. The Ridge Wallet can’t be beaten when it comes to leveling up your everyday carry wallet game.

Grade: 4.6/5


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