You Can’t Hang Like A Rockstar But Now Your Keys Can With The Jack Rack Key Holder

You’ve tried to party like a rock star and ended up drunk and singing in some dive bar that doesn’t take kindly to people starting their own band in the middle of last call.

You’ll never be a rock star (sorry tiger) but you can give off the appearance of being in a killer band with this Jack Rack guitar amp key holder.

The Jack Rack was designed and made by musicians for any one that wants a little rock and roll in their life. Not only will it be the talk of any room it’s mounted in, it just feels cool to “plugin” and checkout at the end of any long day! Every Jack Rack comes with 4 Key Chains, wall mounting bracket and all necessary mounting hardware.

The Patented Pluginz Key Chains are made from an actual 1/4″ musical input jack. Sturdy enough to hold your BBQ tools, kitchen utensils, or anything else you want to “Hang Like a Rockstar.” Made from strong 1/8″ thick injection molded plastic and decorated with a custom amp style decal, the Patent Pending Jack Rack will last for years.

Measuring just 8″ x 3″ x 1.5″ the Jack Rack will fit anywhere you need to add a little rock into your life.

Of course, true rock stars don’t drive themselves around anywhere.

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