Rolls-Royce Rolls Out Black Badge Models Specifically Made For Young Bros

Rolls-Royce is a sick car brand with a buttoned-up history. The name conjures up images of oil money granddads and cobblestone driveways leading up to homes that have been in the family since the days of early independence from Britain.

Rolls-Royce is trying to modify those mental images by modifying a line of cars at the Geneva Motor Show specifically made with the young, rich man in mind.

Described as a “darker, more assertive, more confident and powerful alter ego of the Wraith and Ghost”, the mods are an attempt to make Rolls-Royce a car option to new money while still catering to the gents with old money. RR has blacked-out the Ghost and Wraith models and offers more options to personalize the car with  composite carbon and alloy wheels or a high-gloss black finish.

And last but not least, RR has upped the power — “The luxury car manufacturer has also boosted the cars’ performance by 40 horsepower, while the additional tweaks in the transmission map and rebuffed brakes should ensure a smoother ride.”

The base price for Black Badge models start at $300,000. Might be time to visit old grandpappy in that castle and ask for your inheritance early.

[via Hypebeast]

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