You’ll Never ‘Shoot Your Eye Out’ With These Super Fun Model PPK And 1911 Replica Rubber Band Guns

My biggest problem with AirSoft guns is they shoot so damn fast it’s nearly impossible to dodge the rubber balls in close quarters. And I love a good paintball match but that’s not a game you can play around the dorms/apartment. But the Model PPK Rubber Band Gun and 1911 Rubber Band Gun are both super fun toys that every guy can appreciate, and play around with indoors. So let’s check ’em out:

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun: $19.99

— Modeled after the classic Walther PPK handgun
— Handmade from solid hard maple and walnut
— Semi-automatically fires five rubber bands at up to 20 feet
— Comes w/ 50 rubber bands
— Easy to load & shoot

Buy Today: $19.99 (Usually $24.99)

Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

— Modeled after the classic “1911” handgun
— Handmade from solid white oak wood
— Semi-automatically fires six rubber bands at up to 20 feet
— Comes w/ 100 rubber bands
— Easy to load & shoot

Buy Today: $39.99 (Usually $49.99)

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