These Two Bros Have A Game-Changing Invention For Shotgunning Beers

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Beer! Nectar of the gods. We all love it, we all can’t imagine life without it. Is that the sign of a problem? HELL NO. Beer is a solution, duh.

Two fratty Bros out of Santa Monica created a tool to enhance every Bro’s day-to-day drinking experience. It’s called The Sabertooth and they’re dubbing it “The Ultimate Beer Drinker’s Tool.” The idea is that it’s the ultimate beer multi-tool: It opens bottles, shotguns beers, pulls can tabs, and makes every can a punch top, all while fitting on your keychain. If you like shotgunning Natty sodas on a whim while hanging with the boys, The Sabertooth is basically a the equivalent of having a wizard’s magic staff on your keychain. No more scouring for a bottle opener while trying to pop that heady IPA or cut lips from ratchet shotgun holes made with your keys.

Check out the product over at Kickstarter and get your hands on one, Bros. They’re only $2,000 away from changing the beer shotgunning game forever.


So what does this bad boy do?

It adds air vents for smooth, easy CHUGGIN’



It pops tops!



It pops more tops!



And last but not least, it makes shotgunning a CINCH!



Check the pricing breakdown below and the check the product out over at Kickstarter…