These Safe Cans Disguised At Household Products Are Perfect If You Have Scumbag Roommates Or Nosey Parents

There’s an outside chance your new roommate at college is a total piece of shit. Even if he’s an OK guy, he might make friends with a piece of shit. There’s also a good chance that scumbugs live on the same hall.

Here’s what I’m saying — DON’T TRUST ANYONE. Keep your stuff safe at school, especially your cash and jewelry. Hide it away in one of these awesome safe cans.

There are a ton of options available but here’s a pro-tip — don’t buy a “product” that people are going to actually want or need. For example, detergent or bleach. Your roommate or someone on the hall will need detergent one day and go snake yours and OH LOOKIE HERE I found his watch.

Here are some nice safe options for safe cans that strangers won’t be picking up every five minutes.

Ajax Powder

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Delmonte Fruit Cocktail

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Morton’s Salt

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