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Screenplay to Spirits – Neil Giraldo Shares The Unexpected Origin Story of Three Chord Bourbon

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Have you ever set your mind on one thing and suddenly you’re somewhere else doing something completely different? It happens to me all the time. But it’s usually in the context of checking my phone for one thing and ending up on TikTok for hours.

Admittedly, my unexpected journeys are usually a distraction and prove to be quite unproductive. But what if these unanticipated adventures originated from an activity with more passion and productivity, like writing a screenplay? Well, as seen with successful musician and producer Neil Giraldo, you could end up with your own amazing spirits company.

We know Neil Giraldo as a great guitarist and amazing songwriter, but perhaps less known is his love for screenplays. Back in 2016, Neil was writing a screenplay for a hybrid documentary to give a spotlight for fellow musicians and showcase the hard work invested throughout their careers. When discussing how to raise seed money for a trailer, a colleague of Neil’s suggested partnering with a spirits company.

Neil’s response — Why don’t we start our own spirits company?

And there you have it — the birth of Three Chord Bourbon.

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Making an appearance with our guys on the Endless Hustle podcast, here’s founder and chairman Neil Giraldo sharing how Three Chord came to be and why he chose whiskey over other spirits.

What a turn of events it was for Neil. Heck, if I knew writing a screenplay that didn’t even need to be finished could result in such a successful venture into spirits, I’d have switched careers a long time ago. Although Neil’s passion and dedication to the craft is likely a major differentiating factor that led to Three Chord Bourbon’s success.

He did chose bourbon for how difficult it was after all.

What is Three Chord Bourbon?

While maintaining respect for the tradition and legacy of heritage whiskeys, Neil Giraldo wanted to craft a new classic whiskey with the same precision and passion with which he creates his music.

The result? — Three Chord Bourbon and a multi-step process called ‘Perfectly Tuned Taste’, which begins with carefully selecting the finest bourbon and rye whiskeys from stocks in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Three Chord then applies their proprietary process of pyrolysis — heating American oak to precise temperatures to release specific flavor and aroma compounds — and their proprietary blending process (not to be confused with play music to the barrels). All of that creates an expression that is greater than the sum of its parts with unique flavor profiles.

Inspired by music and enhanced by technology, Three Chord Bourbon embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation. And that’s as clear as day when looking back at how Three Chord Bourbon came to be. Unfinished screenplay to great-tasting whiskey. What a perfect story to tell your grandkids around the fire while sipping that very bourbon.

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