Get Your Grooming Game In Order With These 4 Shaving Accessories That’ll Change Your Life

Unless you’re growing out a beard like a Sasquatch then shaving is either a daily or every other day routine for you. When your shaving life is in order you might not notice the little difference makers, like how a clean blade can mean you won’t be experiencing excruciating razor burn, or how a well organized grooming kit shaves minutes off or your morning routine. All I’m saying is that if you’re a bro who likes to keep his life in order then I’ve got some grooming accessories for you bros that are going to transform you from a haphazard shaver to a bro who has got his shit together…Now let’s check out the goods:

Flyt Solo Stand

There’s nothing more precious in your home than bathroom countertop space. So many items to keep handy, yet so little room. Enter the Flyt Solo Stand. It’s a small, aluminum holder that stands your razor or toothbrush up straight. That way, your hygiene essentials won’t lie flat in a pool of germs. They’ll be dry, clean, and ready to start brushing and shaving when you need them most.

— Fits almost any handle size
— Lightweight to take with you when you travel
— Made of solid aerospace grade aluminum material
— Designed & crafted in the USA
— Includes a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
— Designed to increase airflow to keep items dry & sanitary


Roam Men’s Personal Grooming Collection

Whether you’re home or on-the-go, this kit will have you looking your best. It’s got razors to keep you smooth, clippers to keep your nails in line, brushes to get your ‘do in shape, plus a lint remover, sewing kit, and a dozen other essentials for any wardrobe malfunction.

— 12 tools total for oral, hair & personal care
— Stylish, textured hard case fit for travel
— Satin finished stainless steel tools
— All your personal care essentials in one organized place


Deluxe Shaving Kit: Crux’s Deluxe Shaving Kit Keeps Your Face Fresh

Beards need love too. And cheeks, and chins. Treat them right with this classic shaving kit that has everything you’ll need to keep your face looking clean – with or without hair. The all-natural tonics and soaps will lather your skin to stay soft and your razor to stay smooth. And the vintage brush and bowl will make your bathroom shelf look just as handsome.

— All products made w/ natural & organic ingredients
— Zippered nylon waterproof pouch holds all products w/ ease
— Shave soap made w/ Bentonite clay to detoxify skin
— Shave bowl crafted w/ double-edged stainless steel & fits shave soap inside
— Brush made of wood w/ soft & dense boar bristles
— Shave tonic is naturally antiseptic w/ rosewood & sage scent
— All made in the USA

Clean Shave UV Razor Sanitizer: et the Cleanest Shave Ever, Literally

After you’re done getting rid of that pesky chin hair, don’t just plop your razor down in a wet cup or on the counter. Slide it into this travel-ready, UV-blasting storage case that kills up to 99% of harmful germs and bacteria. It even eliminates bugs like E. coli, salmonella and other nasty microorganisms that live between the blades.

— UV technology kills up to 99% of germs & harmful bacteria
— Light automatically shuts off after 6 minutes to preserve battery life
— Drip tray can be easily removed & cleaned
— Protective case is perfect for traveling



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