Pre-Order Sobro’s Incredible Side Table at 56% Off PLUS Get A Badass Blender For Free [Exclusive Offer]

sobro smart side table deal

The future is here, thanks to Sobro and its mind-blowing Smart Side Table. Imagine everything you’ve ever wanted in an end table or nightstand… that’s what the Sobro Smart Side Table is plus some stuff you didn’t know you needed.

And even better, Sobro is offering BroBible readers an exclusive deal: pre-order the Sobro Smart Side Table at a massive discount and they’ll give you a Dash Arctic Chill Blender for free!

So, why is the Sobro Smart Side Table the table of the future? Because it has everything built into the dope looking table:

  • Cooler drawer for iced cold beverages
  • Wireless charger for up to two phones at a time
  • Pair of Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Motion sensor LED lighting with party mode
  • USB/USB-C hubs and power outlets
  • And more!

Don’t believe me? Check it out and see how great it looks in action:

So not only are you pre-ordering the most badass side table ever created but our friends at Sobro are hooking you up with a Dash Arctic Chill Blender. The Arctic Chill Blender is one of our favorite single-drink sized blenders, it’s hella powerful and the blending tumbler doubles as an insulated stainless steel to-go cup.

Don’t miss out, this offer is exclusive to BroBible readers and saves you over 55% off the Sobro Smart Side Table!

Welcome to the future:



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