This Tiny Light Makes It Possible To Grill The Perfect Steak Every Damn Time


To cook a steak perfectly, you need the perfect balance between time and heat. But between distractions, the grill sometimes not cooperating, and the fact you’ve had one too many, it’s sometimes hard to grill a steak just the way you like it.

SteakChamp makes it possible to grill a perfect piece of meat every damn time.

The patented steak thermometer uses an innovative three-light system to tell you when a steak is prepared just how you like it.

Simply turn on the thermometer with the activator, then insert into your steak. SteakChamp flashes different colors to let you know when your steak is about to be cooked medium rare, medium, or medium well. Then, when it starts to flash in double-time, the steak is ready to be removed from the heat. Boom. No more guesswork, no need to read the temperature on a meat thermometer, no more raw or charred meat.